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Coma Barlow Bino-100

0.75x APO Reducer

A stunning Reducer from APM. Add a second scope for less!. Click for details. From £589.00



The superb new APO Binoculars. Click for details. £2629.00

Coma Correcting Barlow

Our new Photo Visual 2.7x ED Barlow designed by Gerd During. Click for details. Only £149.00


APM has the largest range of Apochromatic Refractor Telescopes in the world including the worlds largest, the 510mm aperture, 6500mm focal length monster the Super ED 510-6500. All of our telescopes without exception are manufactured to deliver the highest optical quality within the category they occupy.

Each one is carefully aligned and star tested before leaving the APM facility. Our handcrafted LZOS models each come with an individual optical test report, guaranteeing a minimum standard of performance.

In addition to our Telescopes we also provide accessories such as Field Flatteners, Field Reducers and ED Barlows. These accessories have the same attention paid to them as the Telescopes they are designed to fit.

Below  you will find a range of Telescopes second to none. Click on a model for more information. Our Observatory Range is listed in a separate section.

107mm f6.5 Triplet with FPL-53 Super ED Element. A truly high-end Apochromat of 700mm focal length.

NEW! 123mm f6 LZOS Triplet with Super ED OK-4 Element. Super fast Apochromat, Perfect for imaging.

130mm f6 LZOS Triplet using Super ED OK-4 Element. Super fast, super quality Apochromat ideal for imagng.

130mm f9 LZOS Triplet with Super ED OK-4 Element. Long focal length scope optimised for visual use. The worlds best 5 Apochromat

NEW! 152mm f8 Doublet using ED and Lanthanum Elements. The best value 152mm Apochomat in the world? Probably.

152mm f8 LZOS Triplet with OK-4 Super ED Element. The worlds best 6 Apochromatic Refractor. Superb all rounder.

175mm f8 LZOS Triplet using Super ED OK-4 Element. A super APO for when you need that little bit more reach.

180mm f7 LZOS Triplet using Super ED OK-4 Element. Super fast 1260mm focal length super APO for imaging and visual use.

APM Apochromatic Refractors

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NEW! 140mm F7 Doublet with FPL 53 Super Low Dispersion Element. An ideal scope for observing and imaging.