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Coma Barlow Bino-100

0.75x APO Reducer

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In 1998 APM became the Worldwide exclusive partner for LZOS optics. LZOS are an optical company based in Lytkarino, Russia.  LZOS is a unique, diversified enterprise in the optical industry, one of the largest in Europe. They have achieved a world class level of quality and are recognized as the Russian leader in the manufacturing of optical materials for various scientific and technological domains. LZOS is a sub contractor to many optical companies, perhaps the most famous being Carl Zeiss and of course APM Telescopes!

Unlike many optical companies, LZOS not only design and manufacture all types of optical devices, they are also a maker of optical glass. This allows LZOS to control the whole optical process from glass manufacture to final lens cell assembly. This complete understanding of the whole manufacturing process allows LZOS astronomical optics to achieve a level of performance and consistency  that is rarely equalled at all, let alone across the range of lens options available.

It is very common these days to see FPL-53 Super ED glass advertised as being part of an Apochromatic Refractor. Indeed APM uses this fine glass in 107-700 and 140/980 Telescopes. FPL-53 is used as it has optical properties close to Fluorite crystal. LZOS do not use FPL-53. Instead they manufacture there own Fluorite crystal substitute designated OK-4. Unlike O’Hara, LZOS have the manufacturing capability to produce large sizes of this exotic glass allowing APM to offer Refractor objectives up to 510mm, the largest currently available. This expertise make APM / LZOS telescopes unique. We are the only telescope manufacturer who is involved at every stage of the lens building process. From the actual manufacture of the optical material, the long cooling process to form the blanks, the complete design of the lens cell including the elements and mounting, the grinding, polishing and multi-coating and final aligning and star testing. No other manufacturer has this much control over the optical assembly which is why APM  / LZOS optics are a breed apart.

Many of the LZOS telescope optics that APM offer were originally designed by the late Thomas M Back. A revered optical designer famous for his attention to detail. Over the years these designs have been further refined and joined by other optics from other respected designers such as Massimo Riccardi. The latest of which is our new line of APM focal reducers which are probably the best performing of their type anywhere in the world.

All APM Telescopes that feature LZOS optics are custom made for our clients. Each and every lens cell is supplied with an optical test report guaranteeing it has achieved a minimum standard of 95% Strehl. This is a minimum standard and usually exceeded. We believe that any APM-LZOS Telescope offers a level of performance equalled by very few and exceeded by no one. It is an absolute guarantee of excellence.

The LZOS Connection

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