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APM Telescopes or ‘Amateur Präzisionsoptik Mechanik’ (Amateur Precision Optic Mechanic) was founded by Markus Ludes in 1990. Since that time APM’s core fundamentals of consistent high product quality have seen it become a frequent supplier to professional users in the Astronomy and Science communities worldwide.

APM manufacture the world’s largest range of Apochromatic Refractor telescopes. Our partners have included Massimo Ricarrdi and the late Thomas M Back (Lens Designs), LZOS, (Lens Manufacture), Matthias Wirth (Tube Designs) and Starlight Instruments (Focusers) to name but a few of the Astronomical communities best who contribute to what makes APM telescopes such superb instruments.

Over this time APM has expanded its telescope products to include large observatory class Reflectors and mounts in addition to our famous range of Refractors. We have also been involved in the development of Solar Observing equipment such as Coronado and Lunt Solar Systems, whom Markus Ludes is a founding partner.

Below is an overview of some of the key moments in our history, featuring some of the institutions who rely on APM products for their work.


1995 - APM begins production of highest quality fluorite triplet Apochromatic refractors up to 304mm diameter

1995 - APM exports Cassegrain and Ritchey Chretien optical sets and flat mirrors up to 1.2m diameter to Japanese customers including IK-Technology, SHOWA, Optics International Laboratory and NISHIMURA

1996 - APM supply 500mm Laser Beam Expander Optics to Max Plank Institute of Astronomy, Carlo Alto Observatory, Spain

1996-9 - APM export largest ever fluorite Apochromatic refractors up to 304mm diameter to Japan and USA

1997 - APM manufactures, with subcontractors from Russia, extremely difficult deep ellipse mirrors and quartz pipes for Japanese company for testing next generation integrated circuits. This work was so difficult that companies like Zeiss refused the contract!

1998 - APM delivers to the ESO (European Southern Observatory) fluorite windows of 270mm diameter for use in the Echelle Spectrograph for the VLT Telescope. ESO chose APM for this contract because other ESO suppliers failed to deliver the required levels of quality. Since then APM-Telescopes has become the ESO preferred supplier for super high quality optical systems

1998 - APM becomes worldwide exclusive agent of LZOS-Russia for APM/TMB Designed Apochromatic objective lenses up to 530mm in diameter

1999 - APM aide Coronado Instruments to develop the first effective H-Alpha filter systems

1999 - APM manufacture and deliver 1m computer controlled Cassegrain Telescope to Nördlinger-Ries Observatory in Germany

2000 - APM manufacture and install 1.2m computer controlled Cassegrain Telescope for public Observatory Treburg, Germany

2002 - APM install a 1m Ritchey Chretien Telescope to Graduate Institute of Astronomy, National Central University of Taiwan

2002 - APM install 600mm computer controlled Ritchey Chretien Telescope for Hong Kong Space Museum

2003 - APM install a 500mm computer controlled Cassegrain Telescope for National Astronomical Observatories in Beijing, China

2004 - APM deliver 600mm Ritchey Chretien Telescope for private customer in Arizona

2004 - APM deliver 350mm Maksutov Newtonian for a customer in Chile on behalf of Astro Physics / USA

2006 - APM deliver 406mm Maksutov Cassegrain Telescope with large format CCD Reducer for a private customer in Germany. This Maksutov Cassegrain is one of the largest in the world

2006 - APM move to the town of Rehlingen, close to the APM Observatory which houses the largest Apochromatic refractor (305mm) in Europe

2007 - APM install 1m computer controlled equatorial fork mounted Cassegrain Telescope for Shandong University at Weihai, China

2007 - APM deliver computer controlled equatorial fork mount for a 500mm Ritchey Chretien Telescope for the National Astronomical Observatories in Beijing, China

2007 - APM install 600mm Ritchey Chretien computer controlled equatorial mounted for US company OGS at the H.S. Mendenhall Observatory at Oklahoma State University, USA

2007 - Markus Ludes (owner of APM) starts Lunt-Solar-Systems in Tucson, Arizona in USA together with Andy Lunt and Alan Traino

2007 - APM starts to manufacture a new computer controlled 1.20m Cassegrain Telescope for the Ural State University in Ekaterinburg-Russia.

2008 - APM starts to manufacture a 406mm Maksutov Cassegrain Telescope for a private customer in Ireland. This Maksutov Cassegrain is one of the largest in the world

2008 – APM install an 800mm Ritchey Chretien for the Science Museum in Vilnius Lithuania, the largest Telescope in Lithuania

2009 – APM start manufacture of the world largest triplet Apochromatic Refractor, a 510 mm F11, for a public Observatory in Italy, near Rome, with delivery term summer 2011

2009 – APM start manufacture of a 1m Ritchey Chretien Telescope for Private customer in Sedona, Arizona, USA

2009 – APM start manufacture of a 1m wide field telescope for the University Urumqi in North-West China

2009 - APM supply 304mm Apochromatic Triplet for the Suzhou Astronomical Association, public observatory Su Zhou City near Shanghai, China

2009 - APM install 1.2m Telescope at the University of Ekaterinburg

2010 - APM ship 1m Ritchey Chretien to University of the Sultan of Oman, Muskat

2010 - APM start manufacture of two 304mm triplet Super ED Apochromatic Telescopes for Chinese and German clients

2010 - APM deliver 500mm Ritchey Chretien for Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center Poland

2010 - APM deliver 500mm Ritchey Chretien for South African Astronomical Observatory, South Africa

2010 - APM deliver 1m Telescope for Urumi University North-West China

2011 - APM deliver 350mm Maksutov Cassegrain Telescope to Kiepenhauer Institut for Solar-Physics in Freiburg, Germany.

2011 - APM deliver 250mm Astrograph to National Astronomical Observatories China, NAOC, Beijing

2011 - APM deliver first ever 280mm Triplet Super ED Apochromat to private customer in Germany

2011 - APM deliver 230mm Apochoromat for Public Observatory in Malaysia. This is the largest Apochromatic Telescope in Malaysia

2011 - APM deliver 1m Ritchey Chretien Telescope to private customer in Sedona, Arizona

2011 - APM deliver 500mm Ritchey Chretien for Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Centre Poland

2011 - APM deliver 500mm Ritchey Chretien to Siding Spring Observatory, Australia

To be continued.......

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