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Coma Barlow Bino-100

0.75x APO Reducer

A stunning Reducer from APM. Add a second scope for less!. Click for details. From £589.00



The superb new APO Binoculars. Click for details. £2629.00

Coma Correcting Barlow

Our new Photo Visual 2.7x ED Barlow designed by Gerd During. Click for details. Only £149.00


APM UK dealers (those supplied by Astrograph Ltd) are not just anybody. They must provide a high level of service and support. These dealers all offer friendly knowledgeable advice and can help you make the right decisions about your Astronomy equipment. Unlike many dealers in Astronomy equipment, they also keep APM products available for you to see and experience. APM Products are now also supplied direct by APM Germany and other importers in addition to being supplied by Astrograph Ltd, an official APM Distributor.

Please note that only those dealers listed below offer APM products supplied by Astrograph Ltd. Products supplied are guaranteed to be checked and collimated before delivery to customers and are offered with an additional 3 years of mechanical warranty once registered with us.

Astrograph  Ltd is the UK representative for Pierro Astro, APM Telescopes, ASA, Gemini, EMC, Tecnosky and Crux Harmonic Drive Mounts. In addition to these fine brands, Astrograph provide online sales of many useful accessories for the astro imager and specialise in Planetary, Solar and Remote Hosting components/

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Founded in 2008 by Zoltan Trenovszki as a part time telescope shop, they have grown into a full time family business offering wide range of optical goods for enthusiasts and professionals, schools and institutions. They can be called 7 days a week and you can expect friendly advice or you might even consider to come and visit them by arranged appointment

365 Astronomy            

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