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Coma Barlow Bino-100

0.75x APO Reducer

A stunning Reducer from APM. Add a second scope for less!. Click for details. From £589.00



The superb new APO Binoculars. Click for details. £2629.00

Coma Correcting Barlow

Our new Photo Visual 2.7x ED Barlow designed by Gerd During. Click for details. Only £149.00


The new APM 140-980 Super ED Doublet will introduce a whole new group or astronomers to APM quality. Featuring an APM designed 140mm F7 doublet objective using a combination of FPL-53 super low dispersion and Lanthanum glasses. The new 140 offers true Apochromatic performance with outstanding sharpness and contrast.

With its low F7 focal ratio the 140 is a very compact scope that weighs under 9kg making it an easily transportable scope that is well matched to smaller mounts.

The 140-980 is also a very capable imaging scope and being F7 also allows it to provide reduced imaging times. When fitted with the optional APM Riccardi 0.75x reducer, the 140 offers the field of view equivalent to a 735mm scope with a fast F5.25 aperture having a corrected image circle of 40mm. An optional normal field corrector is also available for imaging at the native focal length.

As you would expect from an APM scope, attention is also paid to the tube. This is aluminium in construction and contains multiple baffles optimised for focusers up to 3”. As with our 152ED, the tube is fitted with a thread adapter allowing the Starlight Instruments FT-3035 3” focuser to be fitted in place of the standard 2.5” Focuser model. There is also a 3.7” focuser option offering greater load capacity for imaging applications

A further enhancement available as a custom option is to have the specialised Phenolic compound tube offered with our LZOS models. This tube has excellent anti-dewing performance, minimal focus shift and a complex and flocked baffle system to maximise contrast. This tube option is available with APM 3”, Starlight 3” and 3.5” focusers only.

The Super Value APO!


Doublet Super ED Apochromatic Refractor

Ohara FPL-53 / Lanthanum Element. Multicoated

Aluminium Tube

APM 2.5 Focuser

Retractable Dew-Shield

Tube Rings

Finder Shoe Bracket

2” and 1 ¼” Eyepiece Adapters

StarTest Report


Length  1070mm (1210mm Observing)

Max Diameter 186mm

Tube Weight 19.8Ibs / 9kg

Aperture 140mm

Focal Length 980mm

Focal Ratio f7

Resolution 0.76” Arc Seconds

Limit Value 12.7 Magnitude

Max Mag 280x

The APM 140-980 Doublet starts from an SRP of £2,799.00 with the APM 2.5” Focuser

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The 140/980 is supplied with a star test to ensure optical consistency and the performance expected from APM.

Even though the new 140 offers incredible value no corners are cut.

Each lens cell must meet strict quality control. Before delivery to customers, each lens cell is carefully collimated and star tested to ensure that customers experience each scope at its best.