"APM's project management and execution were second to none. Stunning quality, delivered on time and within budget " - Dr F Harding, NY

"I just love my 107/700. I never get tired of the fantastic images it offers." - Alison, LA

"My new 100mm binoculars are just amazing. Incredible contrast. More like a pair of scopes than binoculars!." - Tony, MA


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What APM product is right for you?

APM-LZOS Refractors represent the ultimate in performance and are supplied with an optical test report with a guaranteed minimum quality of 0.95 Strehl

The Massimo Riccardi designed APM Reducers are benchmarks and renowned for their superb quality and large flat image fields of up to 60mm.




APM-LZOS Refractors can lay claim to being the worlds finest Apochromats. From 100mm to an incredible 510mm, (the worlds largest APO), Each APM-LZOS optic is hand crafted from glass production to final finished lens cell to ensure the very finest optical performance available.

APM APO Refractors and Binoculars offer simply the best value performance in their respective classes. From the outstanding value 140/980 or 152/1200 Doublets and the superb APO Binoculars, APM-APO leads the way.

APM’s range of optical accessories offers exceptional quality products to enhance your observing and imaging. Our legendary Apochromatic Flatteners, Reducers and Photo Visual Barlows are just a few products that help maximise your telescopes potential

APM products are developed by a team of experienced individuals. Unlike mass market products, APM engineers its products to exceed the expectations of our customers, not to meet a price point or appeal through marketing a fashionable feature. APM's goal is simply to provide the very best in absolute quality and value from all of our products and ultimately offer the very best quality available at any price. No matter if it is a custom or production APM product, the same care and attention will be devoted to its design and development. We have a passion for quality. Using our products we think you’ll find that passion too.

The outstanding APM Apochromatic Binocular range from 70mm to and incredible 150mm redefines the experience of visual observing.

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